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Chronopost Veterinary :


Vebio laboratory get outfitted with the Luminex Platform, and allows you to take advantage of these added values.


Luminex technology 


The Luminex’s xMAP technology combines advanced fluidic, optical and signal processing techniques which provide highly multiplexed, sensitive and reliable analysis. This technology is based on magnetic microspheres, which are internally dyed with red and infrared fluorophores of differing intensities. The sample is added to a mixture of these color-coded beads, pre-coated with analyte-specific capture antibodies. The antibodies bind to the analytes of interest, allowing the capture and detection of biomarkers.

The XMAP technology can multiplex up to 50 targets in a single trial analysis. The Luminex kit can detect and quantify a large number of biomarkers in reduced sample volumes (25 to 50 μL).


Service offer 


Our catalog includes all kits developed for mouse, rat, dog, cat, pig and PNH (available at https://kitfinder.luminexcorp.com/).

These kits can detect and quantify a large number of biomarkers:

  • Cytokines
  • Chemokines
  • Growth factors
  • Hormone
  • Antibodies
  • Other proteins
  • Nucleic acids




Our R&D team is at your disposal for specific development.