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Chronopost Veterinary :

How to submit a sample for analysis

All specimens must be accompanied by a completed submission form. These may be downloaded from our website here.

You can ask for booklets of submission forms by mailing us (info@vebio.fr) or calling the laboratory (01 49 12 11 02). Fill out the forms completely including owner information and animal identification. If submission forms are incomplete or if specific tests are not requested, sample processing/testing will be delayed until necessary information is provided.

Routine specimens are generally held for up to one (1) week for any supplemental testing requested by the submitter, after which time they will be discarded.

Please contact us by phone: 01 49 12 11 02 or by e mail info@vebio.fr for the price of analysis.
Please choose a carrier that will deliver specimens within 24-48 hours of sample collection.
Please avoid weekend and holiday deliveries, if at all possible. We have an agreement with CHRONOPOST for a discounted cost.
Please contact VEBIO at 01 49 12 11 02 for more information.